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If you are having difficulty collecting child support, you can request the Florida Department of Revenue to start a case on your behalf to obligate the other parent to make the payments.  


The mother of a child may request the Florida Department of Revenue to assist in obtaining child support payments from the father even while waiting to establish the father's paternity.  


To initiate a child support collection case, you must be the custodial parent of a minor child, which means you must have physical custody of the child. In these proceedings, you, as the petitioner, are represented by the Florida Department of Revenue.  


The Florida Department of Revenue can only determine the amount of back child support owed and the amount the non-custodial parent must pay going forward. It is important to note that while the Florida Department of Revenue can order the other parent to pay child support, it cannot issue an order related to custody, time-sharing, or visitation with the child. 


If you are a father, or respondent, served with paperwork from the Florida Department of Revenue, you must respond. Keep in mind that the Florida Department of Revenue cannot determine whether you are allowed to visit or have time-sharing with the child. Only a family court judge can issue an order granting you visitation and time-sharing after you file a Petition for Paternity in a separate legal action in family court.


To assist you through this process, you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side. The Soto Law Office, P.A. is a dynamic and trustworthy law firm that serves the Family Law legal needs of those in Central Florida. Our team listens, cares, and provides excellent client service.


Contact Attorney Kimberly M. Soto and her staff at 321.972.2279 to discuss your concerns regarding the distribution of marital property or any other issues you may have. 

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