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During your search for an attorney, you should find someone who fits with your needs.  The attorneys at The Soto Law Office, P.A. are very attentive– they carefully listen to your problems and work with you to achieve the best result. They are also truthful when explaining whatever obstacles you may face and provide various options to resolve your legal issue if one is available.

Our firm dedicates itself in ensuring you are comfortable throughout the entire legal process by keeping you informed.  Whether your case involves protecting your assets through estate planning or navigating the court system in a civil litigation case, you can rely on our help. We are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.  To learn more about our attorneys, see the profiles below.


Kimberly Soto, Esq.

Managing Attorney

Melissa Escoffery 1200 dpi.png

Melissa Escoffery, Esq.

Associate Attorney

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