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Enforcement actions involve the legal process of officially documenting with the court an individual's failure to comply with a standing court order. It also seeks the court's assistance in taking action that will ensure compliance.


Enforcement actions often revolve around but are not limited to Child Support, Child Custody, Time-sharing or visitation, or Alimony (spousal support) issues. 


When considering enforcement actions, the court will:


  • Determine if the failure to comply with a standing family law court order has occurred;

  • Determine if the non-compliance has been a single or repeat occurrence;

  • Determine if the non-compliance is deemed to be intentional;

  • Determine if a viable unforeseen hardship has occurred since the execution of the original court order, thus preventing compliance as indicated in the standing court order;

  • Determine if circumstances warrant the issuance of a modification of the standing court order;

  • Determine if further legal action should be ordered to ensure compliance; and

  • Determine whether the failure to comply with a standing divorce or family law court order warrants some form of restrictions or punishment.


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