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What is an Investor Friendly Land Trust?

For many people looking to invest in real estate but who want to avoid the notoriety of ownership or potential lawsuits on the real property, a land trust is a great option. Land trusts are investor friendly trusts created specifically to hold real estate titles and can be a vital part of any asset protection plan.

Benefits of a Land Trust

There are many investor benefits to establishing a land trust. First, a land trust creates anonymity. The name on the title of the property is the trustee, who holds the real estate in trust for the beneficiary. The beneficiary is the owner of the property. This can alleviate many issues when it comes to investing in real estate. Some property owners will demand higher prices for their property if they know who owns real estate around them.

Another benefit of a land trust for investors is that the real estate held in trust avoids the probate process. This can be incredibly helpful when it comes to estate planning for investors, as the real estate will pass on directly to any other named first or second-tier beneficiaries to the land trust. Avoiding probate on real estate can save your estate significant time and money, which will also benefit your heirs.

A third benefit of land trusts is the transferability of the property. Once real estate is placed in trust, the owner’s interest in the land is considered personal property. As such, it can be sold, gifted, or otherwise transferred to another party without the need for public disclosure. Transfers can also be done quickly and privately. To learn about other benefits of land trusts for investors, talk to an experienced real estate lawyer today.

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