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Claims of defamation in Florida are serious charges. Whether you have been defamed by another person or are accused of defaming someone else, you need a proficient attorney by your side throughout this process. At The Soto Law Office in Altamonte Springs, our highly qualified legal professionals are here to provide zealous legal representation in your Florida defamation case. To learn more about your legal options, call or contact our office to schedule a consultation today.

What is Defamation?

Defamation, also referred to as defamation of character, is a false statement made either orally or in writing that injures the reputation of another so severely it constitutes a civil or criminal action. Written defamation is also known as libel. Spoken defamation is known as slander. In order to prove defamation, an injured person must be able to show the following:

● That a statement occurred, either spoken or in writing,

● That another party heard or read, also known as being published,

● That the statement made is, in fact, false,

● That the person making the statement acted recklessly when making claims against a public official or negligently when making claims against a private citizen,

● That the statement made was defamatory in that it injured the person’s reputation, and

● The statement caused actual injuries to that person.

Defenses to Defamation

If you or someone you know has been accused of defamation, there are legal defenses available to combat such charges. The most common defense to defamation is truth, as someone can only be defamed if the statements made against them are false. Another defense to defamation is that the false statements were reported as privileged speech. For example, if a reporter publishes an article reporting on false statements made by a witness in a trial, the reporter cannot be sued for defamation. Lawmakers also have broad privilege when it comes to statements spoken or written in legislative chambers or in written materials that cannot be the basis for a defamation claim.

Call or Contact Our Office Today

Do you have further questions about a defamation case in Florida? If so, call the office or contact us today at The Soto Law Office to schedule a consultation of your case with our skillful lawyers now at our Altamonte Springs office.


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