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What Constitutes a Breach of Contract?

Contracts are a vital part of our lives, and when parties enter into a contract it means that each side promises to do something in exchange for something else. However, there are times when one party does not hold up their end of the agreement, resulting in a breach of contract. There are many ways that a breach of contract can occur, and if you have questions about an agreement, The Soto Law Office in Altamonte Springs can help. Call or contact the office today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Types of Breaches

Generally speaking, a breach of contract occurs when one party in a contract fails to deliver on their end of the agreement. There are four main types of contract breaches that typically occur in this situation.

  • Minor Breach

A minor breach occurs when one party delivers the item or service but fails to perform one element of the contract agreement. For example, using a different material than specified or performing a service in a different way than asked may both be considered minor breaches.

  • Material Breach

A material breach occurs when one party receives something substantially different than what was agreed to in the contract. The breach is so significant that the other party may not be beholden to their end of the agreement and may be entitled to remedies.

  • Anticipatory Breach

An anticipatory breach of contract occurs when one party recognizes that the other party will not be able to fulfill their obligations in the future. A common example of this is when one party falls so far behind on a project that there is no way they can make a specified deadline in the contract.

  • Actual Breach

An actual breach of contract occurs when one side of the agreement refuses or fails to fulfill their side of the agreement by the date agreed upon in the contract or fails to fulfill their side of the contract completely.

To learn more about how a contract may be breached and whether your situation may qualify as a breach of contract, talk to our office today.

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