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What is Covered by Child Support?

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When two people have a child and are no longer together, one of the most significant issues that must be determined is that of child support. Typically, the noncustodial parent in a divorce or paternity case will pay the custodial parent support to cover the child’s needs, but what exactly is child support meant to help with?

At The Soto Law Office in Altamonte Springs, our experienced family law attorneys are here to help answer all your questions about child support in your case. To learn more, call or contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Items Covered by Child Support

When determining child support, each parent is responsible for a portion of the child’s expenses. The split of expenses is based on guidelines provided in Florida law and a complicated support formula that you should always have a lawyer review.

Generally speaking, child support is meant to cover all of a child’s basic needs. This includes helping cover the costs of their shelter, food, and clothing. However, child support also covers additional items like their education, sports, other extracurricular activities, and health insurance. Florida law mandates that a child’s healthcare coverage is included in every child support order, and whichever parent covers health insurance will see a reduction in the amount of support that is owed.

What is Not Covered?

There are other expenses that come up in a child’s life that are not typically covered by the monthly child support payment. One of the most common examples is any expense resulting from a medical emergency, like a broken bone or an illness. All non-covered medical, dental, vision, and prescription costs are either split according to the support guidelines or split equally depending on the agreement between the parents. Other expenses that arise during the course of the child’s lifetime, such as orthodontics or increased daily expenses, can either be split according to an agreement between the parents, or a parent can seek a modification to the child support order through the court.

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Do you have more questions about what is and is not covered by a child support order? If so, The Soto Law Office in Altamonte Springs can help. Call or contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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